Anna Jacobs

Unnatural Disaster

For most of us, design is invisible. Until it fails. 
--Bruce Mau

Unnatural Disaster is an exploration of design failures within the context of natural disasters. Through research I found events that most people are quick to write off as uncontrollable and natural, but actually have much more to do with preventable human error. 


Under Water

Under Water is an additional booklet that expands on the information of one element (water) from the first book. The information for this chapter was about Hurricane Katrina and the disasters of design that occurred in New Orleans.

For the expansion book, I experimented with representational typography. I also played with type as a texture. Conceptually, the overlaid type texture was representational of my experience in researching this subject--confusing, illegible, and hard to decipher. 

Photo Credit: Celi Birke